The 2019 Journey for Health Tour was a 45-day, 3,200-mile trek
across America to deliver an inspirational message to motivate individuals, businesses and communities to improve health. It was done from the seat of a bicycle starting August 22 in California and concluding on October 7 in New York.

The Tour

It is difficult to state with complete accuracy the total miles ridden by each of the riders in the 2019 Journey for Health Tour, but based upon the average of the odometers and devises used, the total average mileage was 3,157 miles. The team rode for a total of 35 days (10 days being dedicated to events) and in so averaged 90.2 miles per day on the saddle. The tour speed was an average 16mph which translates to each rider being on their bicycle pedaling for nearly 6 hours. The team on average stopped every 20-25 miles to replenish supplies (hydration, nutrition) which included brief rest and relief breaks which added an average 2.75 hours to the day, totaling (both ride and rest) an “on the road” average of 8.5 to 9 hours. Of course there is the preparation for each days ride (and after the ride), which includes bicycle maintenance and repair, route/mapping preparation and review, personal health maintenance as well as team meetings to talk about and plan for events and or obstacles (such as mountains) that might lie just ahead. There is also eating and sleeping to be accounted for, but those two items (although vital to individual health) are more of a luxury over the course of a tour such as this one.

As for feet climbed (a common measurement in cycling), each rider climbed an estimated 137,000 feet over the 35 days which is 4.72 times the total height of Mt. Everest (the world’s highest peak at 29,029 feet).  As for the overall time spent focused on the mission, simple math might suggest that the opportunity to impact health was confined to 1,080 hours.

As it relates to health related events and venues, which was at the core of the mission of the tour (The mission of the Journey for Health Tour 2019 is to actively advance a shared vision of improving the lives of people and the health of our communities. We’ll do it by inspiring a local, innovative, integrated approach to health that creates awareness and drives action among a diverse collection of individuals, business leaders and community stakeholders, thereby improving health, economic and social conditions. And we will do so from the seat of a bicycle), below are examples of the team participation in key events:

–          Leading Boys & Girls Clubs custom designed programs in select cities including special events such as the Triple Play Leadership Conference (US Olympic Training Center – Colorado Springs, CO)

–          Participating in tour partner (Wellpoint) employee/associate ride events, special celebratory events including the 75th anniversary celebration Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Colorado and associate education and engagement opportunities at company facilities

–          Delivering key and targeted health messages at employer / employee health promotion events and locations (e.g.; Treasure Island, Tour DaVita, Benefit Forum & Expo)

–          Facilitating community health symposiums (e.g.; Vail, CO; Mt. Union, PA)

–          Guiding business leadership forums (e.g.; Las Vegas, NV; Denver CO, Columbus, OH)

–          Attending special events to promote health including working alongside and with the USABA (United States Association of Blind Athletes)

–          Addressing students / youth in schools and learning environments (e.g.; The Mastery School, Philadelphia PA)

–          Participating in media events including newspaper, television and radio programs

–          Addressing public in community events to promote health and expand dialog (e.g.; Indianapolis, IN, New York City, NY)

The message and mission of the tour was delivered and lived out in the planned events and venues as well as in each and every city, town or village that the team was fortunate enough to have passed through. Following the unofficial tour motto of; delivering an educational, inspirational message of the value of improved health, one person, one mile one pedal at a time, there are countless stories that are yet to be shared of the encounters along the road. The message of the importance of health as it relates to many elements of life was delivered in gas stations, convenience stores, hotel lobbies and restaurants. The mission was lived out in laundromats, rest stops along the roadsides themselves and even at busy intersections when one of the riders would more often than not use the opportunity that the red light provides to share a quick message and one of the health awareness wristbands with a person in a car or standing on the sidewalk. The motive was simple and sincere; do your very best to deliver a message of health (education) and hope (inspiration) to all who you possible can reach. 7 days a week, for 45 straight days, a total of 960 hours (assuming 6 hours of sleep per night) of opportunity as we see it, to help impact the world for health in a positive and powerful way. We did our very best and now, the 2019 Journey for health tour is officially complete.

The Journey

As you can see, the tour itself was an event, an experience, episode or occurrence. It had a beginning (August 22nd) and now has an end (October 7th). The journey however is more of a passage or process from one stage or place to another, without restrictions such as time. A health journey is different for each individual given that we each have unique and very personal life experiences, conditions and even genetics. It is difficult, or perhaps impossible to place the classic restrictions such as time on a human, as there are far too many elements (knows and unknowns) that have a direct (or sometimes indirect) impact on the outcome or goal. In so, we each have the opportunity to take a journey for health in our lives and to do so at a pace or space that might best reflect our situations and conditions.

The mission of the tour is simple; to educate and inspire. The journey we each are on, or will begin is much more broad, comprehensive and important. In our work over the 45 days on the road our hope was (and remains) to help stimulate change. A change in the dialog of what health is (or isn’t). A change in the many ways in which people, communities and businesses can see and experience the benefit and value of improved health. And a change of the way in which we discover the potential that lies in us each individually and in our collective being when we are healthy.

–          Mind, body, spirit

–          Economics, safety, education

–          Individuals, companies, communities

–          Longevity, sustainability, transferability

Whatever your reason or desire as it relates to a journey for health, we wish to encourage you to take the first and most important step forward. If you are already travelling well along the road of health, we invite you to join our team by encouraging people in your life to being their own personal journey for health. For it is the journey that we can take together that ultimately can lead to the positive change we seek.

Please feel free to use this website, its entire content to your advantage as well as the advantage of those that you seek to educate and inspire. It was created to be a support along the journey, not as a tool to be used during the tour alone. Our personal hope is that this tour will in itself become part of a bigger, broader journey for health and in so, we encourage you to stay connected and stay tuned as together we seek creative, innovative and inspirational ways in which to improve health. Thank YOU for following along and we look forward to seeing you again soon along life’s journey for health.